Winter Is Better When Seniors Live at Southgate!

Winter Is Better When Seniors Live at Southgate!

Today in Central Massachusetts the winter sun shone brightly over a blanketed calm of snow that transformed the landscape into a scene from a Norman Rockwell masterpiece as it fell two days ago—February 5.

For many New Englanders, February 5 is a date etched in their memories as the first day of one of the most catastrophic nor’easters in history. Yes, we’re talking about the blizzard of  ’78. And, for those of you not from New England, chances are you’ve heard the lore of this truly historic storm.

No matter what part of the country you live in, storms will inevitably brew outside. Perhaps they’re in the form of ice, snow, wind, hail, lightening, dust or rain. The great news is that when storms swirl senior living residents don’t have to skip a beat!

Consider that Southgate at Shrewsbury, the premier independent senior living destination in Central Massachusetts, puts residents in the amazing position to get on with their daily living while embracing the amazing force of Mother Nature. Amid howling winds and accumulating precipitation, our residents can enjoy their days from the comfort of their beautifully appointed apartments and for our gourmet restaurants, lounge, exercise studio, game room and more because our community is are artfully connected by covered walkways.

For example, during a recent weather event, our residents swam, visited the health club, en­joyed movies, played billiards, challenged each other friendly bowling games, and met for lunch in the café. Others relaxed by a warm and toasty fire in our sophisticated cocktail lounge. That sure doesn’t sound like they had to “hunker down” to weather the storm, now does it?!

But, don’t just take our word for it. Consider the sentiment of one long-time resident who shared her experience during a recent snowstorm. “We reminisced about the blizzard of  ’78 as we dined on lamb chops and roasted sirloin pre­pared by our chef. Conversation was lively and spir­ited as we marveled about how we no longer need to prepare or clean up after a nor’easter. Recalling years past and time spent digging out reminded us of how fortunate we are to have a dedicated staff at Southgate. With the declared state of emergency underway, they stayed for the duration of the storm ensuring no interruption of service and maintaining the quality that defines life at Southgate” she said. And, the conclusion she and her friends reached was that “life at Southgate is an exciting, wonderful, and stress free way to live!”

When Mother Nature tries to dispute your daily routine, will you let her? At Southgate at Shrewsbury you can tell Mother Nature you’re not phased any doses of disruption, and get on with the active, fulfilled lifestyle you crave—no matter what! And, because Southgate at Shrewsbury handles all of the snow maintenance, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty and awe of a New England Winter Wonderland.

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