Summer Reading List – Fun Reading for Southgate at Shrewsbury Residents

Summer Reading List – Fun Reading for Southgate at Shrewsbury Residents

One of the best parts of retirement living is that homework is a thing of the distant past. So while summer reading is no longer a requirement, picking up a few new books is still a great way to wrap up the season. Whether you are reading on the beach or looking for a good read to help pass the time when keeping cool indoors, here are a few great summer reads to put on your book list:

Nonfiction: “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI” by David Grann.

This book has been gracing book club and top seller lists for awhile now, so if you haven’t read it yet, the time is now. It’s a gripping historical account that tells the true story of the Osage people, who joined the ranks of the richest Americans thanks to the oil found on their land. Their oil and the wealth it brought were coveted by others who were willing to stop at nothing—even murder—to get it for themselves. As the story unfolds, readers also delve into the workings of the FBI during its earliest days.

Cookbook: “Salt Fat Acid Heat” by Samin Nosrat

A cookbook is an unusual choice for a reading list, after all, most cookbooks aren’t actually read, but referenced. This book is an entirely different case, however, with narratives interspersed throughout the recipes that help you follow along with the cooking journey. The entire point of the book is to teach readers about the basic elements of cooking: salt, fat, acid and heat. It provides both the science to back up its claims and a fun tone to make all of the information—pardon the pun—easy to digest.

“If you’re only going to buy one cookbook this year, let it be this so-much-more-than-a-recipe-book by Chez Panisse alum Samin Nosrat and illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton, guaranteed to turn even the most culinarily inept among us into kitchen proficient,” states Keziah Weir, Associate Editor at Elle Magazine.

Fiction: “Behold the Dreamers” by Imbolo Mbue

Oprah claims it is the book to read this summer and states, “It’s got everything that’s grabbing the headlines in America right now. It’s about race and class, the economy, culture, immigration and the danger of the us-versus-them mentality.”

You can hear what else she has to say about the book in her video interview on her website.

One of the best parts of reading a book selected as part of Oprah’s Book Club is that you can be sure many of your acquaintances will be reading it at the same time, giving you plenty of chances for impromptu discussions. Even better, Oprah puts a reading guide online complete with questions that can help you focus your own book discussion group.

Retirement living is all about being able to choose exactly how to spend your time. So although the end of summer no longer means speed reading through your summer book list before school begins, you can find great enjoyment in reviving the trend of August being a month to ramp up your reading. And you can start with one of these great books.