Subtle Yet Powerful Ways to Combat Stress

Subtle Yet Powerful Ways to Combat Stress

The physical environment of a home can take a toll on our health and wellbeing. For instance, stuffy, confined spaces can stir up allergens that lead to sneezing, wheezing and other respiratory ailments. In addition, places that are in disrepair can cause unnecessary stress, leaving a homeowner in a constant state of worry about the financial and logistical burdens of addressing issues related to the wear and tear on the home. Also, darkened spaces can depress the senses and lead to melancholy and in some cases depression.

Don’t let your house get you down! Consider moving into independent senior living at Southgate at Shrewsbury where our home environment focuses on many subtle yet powerful was to fight stress and fuel a healthy, happy lifestyle!

First up, our residents enjoy a safe and secure living environment. Southgate at Shrewsbury offers independent senior living at its best. You’ve got your own living space within a community of other residents and staff who care about your welfare.

Next, our apartments offer plenty of sun-drenched windows to let the light that feeds the spirit stream in, so the gloomy doldrums that can come from dimly lit rooms pass right on by!

Keep in mind, too, that independent senior living has taken a key atmospheric pointer from the hospitality industry. For instance, a restaurant, a quaint bed and breakfast or a five-star hotel generally focuses on three things: Your comfort and meeting your desires in a safe and friendly environment. Southgate at Shrewsbury offers residents with a resort-inspired lifestyle where there are no worries about making home repairs or figuring out what to make for dinner. We take care of the home repairs and our gourmet eateries consistently serve up delectable delicacies and tasty libations. Without the stress of having to deal with the mundane routines that can get you down, you’re free to seize each moment and fully enjoy your stress free days!

Also, Southgate at Shrewsbury boasts a supportive community that provides residents with the opportunity to interact with friends and families on their terms. Counteracting loneliness is a way to improve emotional wellbeing, which, in turn, can help reduce stress.

Consider, too, that one’s sense of control has a lot to do with his or her stress level. Southgate at Shrewsbury is the premier destination for choice! We offer a wide variety of educational and cultural programs every month to our residents that do two things: 1) provide the flexibility today’s active seniors crave; and 2) stimulate intellectual and curiosities, which can boost that all-important mind-body balance to lower stress.

Finally, now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get reacquainted with nature. Southgate at Shrewsbury’s sprawling campus is a phenomenal place to take a stroll and enjoy the natural beauty that Central Massachusetts has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Live independently, live well and reduce your stress! Schedule an appointment today to discover all that Southgate at Shrewsbury has to offer you.