Stay Sharp & Active to Amp Up Quality of Life!

Stay Sharp & Active to Amp Up Quality of Life!

Recently, an article ran in the Washington Post detailing how UCLA’s Longetivity Center is helping seniors improve their memory function using proven techniques. The article described a recent visit by a married couple named Marianna and Albert Frankel, who are in their eighth and ninth decades of life, respectively. The Frankels had gone the Center to learn what they could do to cope with Albert’s memory loss, which over the years had become more prevalent.

One quote in the article, by an instructor at UCLA, psychologist Ashley Curiel, described the Center as a “gym for your brain.” The article went on to discuss how the Franklels performed many mental gymnastics, playing games, telling stories and using images to bolster their recall ability. The article quoted another professional, Professor of Neurology and Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Barry Gordon who noted that memory loss can have significant adverse impacts on the memory sufferer as well as his or her spouse. For starters, he noted, memory impediments can decrease one’s ability to function independently and lead to depression—not to mention it can take away the ability to reminisce about especially fond times the couple have shared.

At UCLA’s Longevity Center, it’s clear that there’s a focus on “improving quality of life through the alleviation of age-related memory loss,” as its website notes. This is evident through its commitment to research, programs and educations outreach programs, reference materials, events, and more.

Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury we say kudos to centers like this because we recognize the important of staying as mentally sharp as possible throughout our senior years. That’s why we provide our residents with a comprehensive offering of activities designed to quench the mind, body and spirit’s thirst for engagement. With engagement comes stimulation, and from stimulation often comes a refocused and rejuvenated sense of recall.

We are not scientists or doctors, but we can attest to the fact that our residents, many of them long-time spouses, value the lifestyle that offers them the mental, emotional, and physical stimulation they want in their lives. From enjoying music selections to attending educational talks, Southgate at Shrewsbury offers an extensive array of activities that by their very nature can help our residents stay sharp—and have a great time while doing  them!

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