Stay Healthy and Young, Naturally

Stay Healthy and Young, Naturally

Everywhere you look, it seems like there’s another advertisement touting a pill or a supplement that can reverse aging or otherwise defeat wrinkles. Never mind that very few of these have actually been proven to work and a lot can be costly, there’s a risk that they can be unhealthy, too. In fact, one recent study found that just one out of every three multivitamins actually has the content on the back of the label. Some have too little vitamins, while others have too much, according to MSNBC.

So instead of trying things that haven’t even been verified by the FDA, you may want to look for anti-aging methods through more natural beauty practices. One of the best products for keeping away wrinkles? Sunscreen.

“Ninety percent of aging is from the sun, and with the increase of skin cancer awareness we need to make sure that we are protecting our skin and taking care of it,” skin care specialist Angela Fredrick told The Kearney Hub.

She advises anyone who is going to spend some time outside to apply sunscreen. Besides the risk of cancer, exposure to the sun can cause liver spots and premature wrinkles. While some people believe that their make-up can protect them from harsh sunshine, Fredrick recommends using sunscreen as well.

Maintaining physical health is the very best way to remain feeling young. While not everyone will be going to the Olympics, senior or otherwise, states that remaining focused and consistent with exercise efforts can be an important way to maintain strength, flexibility and health.

“I have seen some reports that claim it is possible to have as little as a five percent drop in cardiovascular fitness from your 20s to your 50s, if consistency is maintained,” writes trainer Matt Roberts.

Looking to keep your brain young, too? Exercise fills that gap as well. Researchers recently concluded that regular physical fitness can improve decision-making skills, memory and attention after a review of more than 100 different studies examining the effects of a workout.

Having trouble getting started? Experts recommend using machines that promote low-impact activity. Resistance training with rows or free weights can be a great way to break a sweat and get moving. Ellipticals have also become popular in recent years, because they don’t cause as much pounding on the joints as a treadmill, but you can get just as much of a workout.