Spring Cleaning Tips For Seniors

Spring Cleaning Tips For Seniors

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time for fresh flowers, warm afternoons and, of course, cleaning supplies! Spring cleaning is a great way to start off the new season with gusto, and for seniors, the activity carries extra benefits. Here are some tips for older adults who are planning on getting out the mop, dustpan and broom in the coming weeks.

A family (and friends) affair

As a senior, the idea of cleaning your home from top to bottom on your own may seem intimidating. But with the help of friends and family, you can turn this overwhelming task into a party. Pay back your loved ones for their help by cooking them a meal on the day of the big cleanup, or you can offer to return the favor when they decide it’s time to take on spring cleaning. If you live at a retirement community, consider starting a “spring cleaning club.” Gather a bunch of your fellow community members and clean one residence per week until each of you has a sparkling domicile.

Clean to the beat

Seniors should never pass up an opportunity to get fit, and spring cleaning can really get your blood pumping. One way to make this chore more fun and fitness-friendly is to groove to some of your favorite music while you clean. You can tune into a beloved radio station or create a playlist, but either way, make sure you’re listening to energetic tunes that motivate you to power through a day of cleaning.

Downsize and reorganize

Spring cleaning isn’t just about wiping down surfaces and mopping the floors – it’s also a time to reorganize. If you’re planning a move to an assisted living community in the near future, take this opportunity to get rid of some items that you no longer need. As you clean, separate out belongings that can be donated, given to family and friends or discarded. This will not only reduce clutter in your home but also make your impending move easier.

Sweep for safety

During your cleaning, you can improve your safety by reducing fall hazards. Clutter on the floor, especially in walkways, is dangerous for older adults, and any slippery surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly or covered with a rug to reduce the chance of falls. As you’re cleaning, look around for areas that may be improved by hand rails, such as along stairways or in the bathroom.