Senior Style: Easy Ways to Embrace the Latest Trends

Senior Style: Easy Ways to Embrace the Latest Trends

The active social scene here at Southgate at Shrewsbury means that you always have the opportunity to attend an event or class or to simply socialize in one of our common areas. This gives you plenty of opportunities to show off your personal style. If you want to jazz up your look with some of the hottest trends of the summer, here are some of the easiest ones to try:

Bold Prints
Bold prints never really go out of style, but this year they occupy a prime spot among the top summer trends. Any bold print will fit the bill, but if you want to align with the most popular prints of the moment, try adding some beachy, Hawaiian-inspired prints, florals, and Asian-inspired styles to your wardrobe.

Tassels are another extremely versatile trend—and the can be very inexpensive, to boot. Necklaces, scarves, sweaters, handbags and more are all showing up to the shops adorned with tassels. Because you can find tassels on all range of clothing and accessories these days, you won’t have to add unnecessary items to your wardrobe just to take part in the fun trend. If you need a new handbag, find one with tassels, and if you are just looking for a fun new scarf, you can easily find a tasseled version of that as well.

Block Heels
If you’ve stayed away from any type of heel for years, you’ll be happy to hear that the recent comeback of block heels is still going strong. That’s great news for seniors who are looking for new shoes that are both supportive and stylish. After all, the independent living lifestyle here at Southgate at Shrewsbury is very active, so comfortable shoes are a must.

This summer, block heels are more bold than ever before. Many play up the trend with a slight triangle shape that extends the heel past the outer perimeter of the shoe. This makes them even more supportive—a definite plus. Whether they are suede or metallic, embellished or plain, block heels come in so many variations that you’re bound to find some you love.

Seniors tend to shy away from ruffles. After all, it does seem strange to buy clothing that bears a striking resemblance to something you might buy for your very young grandchildren. However, ruffles are such a big trend this year, that they no longer are reserved for children. In fact, this might be the most versatile trend at the moment. A top layer with many ruffles, a plain shirt with ruffled bell sleeves, or a dress with a small ruffle at the hem—you can choose how and how many ruffles to add to your wardrobe and seem trendy no matter what.

Kimono-Style Wraps
Now this is a trend everyone at Southgate at Shrewsbury can get on board with. It’s ideally suited to people with an active lifestyle—something that is definitely true of the members of our independent living community, who make excellent use out of all of our health and wellness facilities. What better way to dress up your leisure wear before and after a recreation class than with a beautifully printed Kimono-style wrap? It is also the perfect light layer to bring along while enjoying one of the outdoor concerts in our Summer Concert Series—one of the highlights of our independent living schedule.

Today, people recognize that staying true to your personal style is more important than a strict adherence to trends, which is a very good thing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun following the latest styles and staying current on summer fashion. So pick a few of your favorite trends from this list and have fun searching for a some new items to show off at your next social event here at Southgate at Shrewsbury.