Senior Living ‘U’: What’s Your Preference?

Senior Living ‘U’: What’s Your Preference?

A new PBS documentary raises an interesting question: Are seniors happier in resort-style communities or “university-based” retirement campuses?

PBS interviewed a Florida-based couple who had been living in a retirement community  who opted to go “back to school”—to the husband’s alma mater, the University of Florida, that is, to take advantage of its university-based community.

The couple expressed their boredom with their previous senior living communities activities, which they summed up as “golf, golf, golf, bridge,” noted a recent article by

The article noted that according to one senior housing expert, many senior communities across the country have actually created a bubble for their residents—not on purpose by any means but as a mere function of the activities they offer. The PBS show explained that the seniors of today aren’t satisfied with an all-leisure day. They want intellectually stimulating activities among an intergenerational community of retirees.

One of the key takeaways we here at Southgate at Shrewsbury learned from the PBS segment is that to succeed at creating a happy and fulfilling community for residents, senior living facilities need to go beyond creating an environment of “retirement” and instead focus on helping residents foster their intellectual, fitness, mind/spirit, and social desires.

Southgate at Shrewsbury is happy to report that we’ve been riding this “school” bus for as long as we can remember! We’ve managed to strike a tremendous balance between delivering a resort-style lifestyle for our residents (low- to no-maintenance living, gourmet meals, laundry pick up, housekeeping, etc.) with that all-important university-centric approach. We regularly offer educational programs, talks and discussions for our residents, in addition to fitness classes, fun and exciting excursions around our local area, and so, so much more.

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