Residents Stay Active During Long Winter Months

Residents Stay Active During Long Winter Months

Winter is officially upon us. Central Massachusetts looks like a scene for Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.

Staying active during the winter can be important to one’s health and mood. Regular physical activity helps stimulate the body, mind and spirit. And, as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can go a long way toward decreasing one’s risk of depression during the doldrums of winter.

Resisting the urge to hibernate during the wintertime can be difficult, but here at Southgate at Shrewsbury we offer so many lifestyle amenities that residents who crave activity can’t resist maintaining a healthy lifestyle all winter long!

Our residents enjoy an indoor swimming pool where they can enjoy the aquatic sports, a yoga studio, 4-lane bowling Candlepin bowling alley, a woodworking shop, an arts & crafts studio, a billiards & cards room and more. And, for those long winter days and nights when residents want to relax, we also offer a cozy fireplaced library that’s perfect for unwinding in—we recognize that a relaxing visit and stimulating conversation with friends and family by a toasty fire can be equally rejuvenating and necessary for ensuring one’s health and well being!

In addition, Southgate at Shrewsbury boasts a unique design, including covered walkways between the buildings, so the risk of slipping and falling on snow- and ice-covered walkways is minimized and residents can go about their daily business of dining, exercise, education, entertainment, shopping and more without skipping a beat.

We urge you to check out Southgate at Shrewsbury’s activities. We offer a wide variety of lifestyle, dining, and other options that active residents can enjoy year round!

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