Pop Quiz! Is Senior Living Right for You?

Pop Quiz! Is Senior Living Right for You?

Deciding whether to move out of a home, condominium or apartment in which you’ve lived for years can be a big decision. Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury we get that this can, for many seniors, be one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Retirement age can be a time of new beginnings. Often, seniors are standing at the crossroads where they’re thoughtfully weighing which path to continue on.

Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, we, of course, could give you our reasons why choosing an independent senior living over your current living situation makes great sense, but we figured it’s far more useful for you to decide for yourself!

Take our pop quiz below to discover whether senior living is indeed for you – just answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions and your off on a path to help you determine whether now is the time for your make the move to senior living!

  • Are you age 62 or up?

  • Are you receptive to having someone else do the “leg work” on home repairs and more?

  • Do you enjoy socializing with friends and family in a comfortable and refined setting?

  • Do you enjoy an active, intellectual stimulating and cultural lifestyle?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, senior living is most likely right for you!

Here’s why:

  • Senior living can be a great option for adults age 62 and up to experience all life has to offer.

  • Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, we take care of those “mundane” tasks of daily living, like home repairs, clearing walkways and more, so you can spend more of your precious time mingling with your families and your friends in a relaxed and refined setting, like the Saratoga Cocktail Lounge, the Atrium Dining Room and our Fountain Cafe—inviting spaces where you can kick back and enjoy delightful music, company, libations and gourmet meals.

  • Also, as a premier independent living community in Massachusetts, Southgate at Shrewsbury offers an impressive array of fitness classes, educational talks, cultural outings and more to keep our residents engaged in the things they love to do.

Contact us today to make an appointment to decide for yourself why Southgate at Shrewsbury is a premier best independent senior living community!