National Craft Month: Dig into Favorite Hobbies!

National Craft Month: Dig into Favorite Hobbies!

March is National Craft Month—now that may be a little known fact that you didn’t realize! But, Southgate at Shrewsbury is here to remind you that now is the perfect time embrace the hobbies, such as crafting, that you may love!

There are some great reasons to get crafting! For starters, crafting can serve as a way to awaken your artistic senses, which in turn, can help improve your mood. Perhaps you enjoy activities like knitting and stitching or painting with acrylics. Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury we offer a wide array of activities every month designed to awaken that creative, inspired crafter in each and every one of our residents.

Of course, we also offer many other types of stimulating activities, like poker, bridge, bocce and game night, in addition to fitness classes like mat pilates, line dancing, balance, cribbage, yoga and more. Think of life at Southgate at Shrewsbury as a crafty opportunity to keep up with activities you’ve long-cherished and to be adventurous and explore new ones!

Our community is full of ambitious, inspired and energetic seniors just like you who enjoy engaging in crafting, entertaining and intellectual experiences when they aren’t relaxing in one of our well-appointed restaurants or lounges or jaunting off to the theater for a concert, to a curiosity-quenching lecture or to a local shopping establishment for some retail therapy!

Southgate at Shrewsbury is one crafty gem of an independent senior living community and we’d love to show you all we have to offer. Contact us today to tour our spawling campus, located in the quintessentially quaint town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.