Making the Most of Independent Living

Making the Most of Independent Living

The move to an independent living community is an exciting one, with so many new possibilities. Some people like to take things slow and make changes to their social calendar gradually, while other like to jump in head first and try everything they can—as fast as they can. No matter which type sounds more like you or how long you’ve been living here, there are likely more experiences you can try and new ways to enjoy your time.

If you want to branch out more and make the most of independent living here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, here are some steps you can take this month:

Join A Club

One of the main reasons that people move to an independent living apartment is to enjoy a more active social life and more eventful daily schedule. Clubs are a guaranteed way to accomplish both of these things. And if you think clubs are just for social butterflies who make friends easily, think again. Clubs are most beneficial for those who could use a little help making friends and finding ways to be social. That’s because the set schedule, group setting and natural conversation starters (whatever the club is about) take away all the guesswork. Plus, people who are more introverted thrive in clubs, where they have the option to sit back and let others lead the conversation.

Try A New Hobby

Our motto here at Southgate at Shrewsbury is “Exploring. Growing. Learning.”We hold those words close to our hearts and use them to guide what facilities and activities we offer, ensuring that we go beyond the activities we know are already popular among the senior adults in our independent living community to offer things that can bring novelty to their lives and expand their horizons.

Make it a point to try a brand new activity in July. There are so many different activities in each category to choose from, that it is easy to try something slightly different to ease yourself into a new hobby. If you love art, there are several different painting classes to choose from. If you already participate in the Watercolor Painting classes, for example, you can try out the Freestyle Paint Studio Thursdays at 1:00.

If you love your Yoga class, make plans to drop into a Tai Chi or Mat Pilates class to mix things up. The same goes for experienced Pilates practitioners who might not have tried the more relaxing art of Tai Chi. And if you want to get your exercise in a totally new way, our Water Aerobics classes are immensely popular and our Bocce games are both invigorating and entertaining.

No matter how may classes you take, lectures you attend and lessons you try, you’ll still be able to find something new to do with your time here at Southgate at Shrewsbury. So log in to the Residents Website now and see if you can find something new exciting to try in July.