What to Look for in a Retirement Community

What to Look for in a Retirement Community

When you are comparing retirement communities, there are so many different aspects to take into consideration. While the specifics like floor plan and maintenance programs are certainly important, there are bigger picture factors that can make all the difference to your future happiness. Here are three of the most important categories to consider during your search:

Continuum of Care

One of the most important things to consider about a retirement community is how it can accommodate your needs in the future. Although most people who move to a retirement community do so in order to access the amenities, programs and social life it offers, it is also important to plan for the future to make sure your needs are met for years to come.

At Southgate at Shrewsbury, we offer a continuum of care on campus that supports our residents as they age comfortably. In addition to our Independent Living, we offer assisted living to help maintain your independence, as well as nursing and rehabilitation services at Shrewsbury Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, should the need arise.



Location means a lot of different things. First of all, the immediate surroundings are important. Even if you aren’t an avid outdoorsman, don’t underestimate the therapeutic effect of having nice outdoor spaces where you can read, garden or take a leisurely stroll. Even people who enjoy the outdoors on rare occasion frequently report that having accessibility to outdoor space helps to avoid feeling cooped up inside.

Location in respect to nearby places of interest is also important. Southgate at Shrewsbury provides 3 acres of park grounds, walking paths and park benches yet conveniently located just 1 mile off of Rt. 9, making it easy to get to Boston or Worcester or to head further afield to other states in New England.



Programming is what makes life in a retirement community so wonderful. Sure, anyone who lives alone can join a club, watch a play or take an art class, but they have to seek out all of those activities—and more—separately, which is a lot of work. So no matter which retirement community you are considering, ask about their current programs to see how many you would like to take advantage of in any given month.

Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, there are always a variety of activities to enjoy, including musical and theatre performances, educational opportunities, local excursions, guest speakers and other activities to keep our residents growing, learning and enjoying life to the fullest!

Let these three categories–location, continuum of care and programming—help you get started on your journey to find the perfect retirement community or help you make your final decision. And if you’d like to request more information, or if you would like to visit Southgate at Shrewsbury, we would love to hear from you.