Is This the Best Decade of Your Life?

Is This the Best Decade of Your Life?

Ten years is a long time, and a lot can happen in the 3,650 days it takes to make up a decade. Southgate at Shrewsbury hopes that no matter what decade of your life you’re in, you’re enjoying yourself!

Recently, UnitedHealthcare released the results of its 100@100 survey, which is designed to analyze how the lifestyles and attitudes of those in retirement compare with those from 35 years ago. The ninth installment of this annual survey had some interesting findings that we’d like to share with you.

For starters, the health benefits provider, which surveyed those of centenarian age down to those from the baby boomer era, found that, on average, the centenarians surveyed reported feeling around 83 years young, with baby boomers at age 65 said they felt about 10 years younger.

Also, in response to a question about how they felt about living to be 100, many centenarians replied that they felt “blessed ” and “happy” and “[n]ot one report[ed] feeling sad or burdened,” UnitedHealthcare explained in a recent press release.

In addition, more than half of the centenarians polled—53 percent—said they continue to live independently. This is really encouraging news for Southgate at Shrewsbury to hear because supporting the independent lifestyles of seniors is one of our fundamental missions.

We also found something else really interesting—and equally encouraging—about the respondent centenarians and baby boomers: Some of their key drivers for happiness rested with:

  • their ability to remain close with family and friends;
  • keeping that ever-important sense of independence; and
  • eating right.

Wow—we’re feeling like perhaps many of our happy, engaged and vibrant Southgate at Shrewsbury residents contributed to this survey! That’s because we offer our residents with the opportunity to fulfill all three of those fundamentally important drivers of happiness:

1) Southgate at Shrewsbury is a close-knit and readily accessible community where family and friends are always welcome. Visit in your private residence, treat your guests to a delicious gourmet meal in our restaurant or hang out by the fire while enjoying a tasty beverage—with so many options, steering your own welcome wagon has never been so easy!

2) Southgate at Shrewsbury is the premier independent living community for seniors here in Massachusetts. And, our residents aren’t just from here in the Bay State. In fact they’re far from it, with many Floridian snow birds call Southgate at Shrewsbury home during the summer months!

3) Southgate at Shrewsbury’s culinary experts plan and prepare nutritious—and scrumptious—meals so our residents don’t have to fuss with mundane tasks like grocery shopping or figuring out what to make for dinner.

Southgate at Shrewsbury offers senior residents the best of dining, fitness, entertainment, recreational and social activities, so they can enjoy every day—no matter what decade of life they’re in.

So, we ask you again: Is this the best decade of your life? At Southgate at Shrewsbury we like to think that each and every decade spent with us is better than the last.

Visit Southgate at Shrewsbury to see how our independent living community for discerning seniors contributes to residents’ overall sense of independence, well being and happiness!

We also urge you to read our weekly blog, where you’ll find myriad topics of interest to sophisticated seniors. Our blog give us the opportunity to share our philosophy on maintaining a healthy, active, independent and happy lifestyle with the world. Happy reading, everyone!