Independent Living, Retirement Living or Continuing Care Retirement Community – What’s in a Name?

Independent Living, Retirement Living or Continuing Care Retirement Community – What’s in a Name?

Communities for senior adults go by many names. They are called retirement communities, senior living residences, independent living communities and continuing care retirement communities. Why so many names?

A Community That is Always Evolving

One of the main reasons why so many names exist is because places like Southgate at Shrewsbury are constantly evolving to offer the best amenities and lifestyle. At Southgate at Shrewsbury, our amenities, programs and services are always evolving based on emerging research into what makes senior adults happy and keeps them young at heart and healthy. We use our years of expertise and feedback from residents to guide this evolution.

That means that while the phrase retirement community is an accurate way to describe Southgate at Shrewsbury, it doesn’t express how active our residents are. Many have far more hobbies, do more exercise, have more fun and try more new things than they did in their younger years. When you look at it through this lens, you see that the phrase retirement, which implies slowing down, doesn’t really describe everything that life at Southgate at Shrewsbury can be.

The phrase independent living falls victim to the same issues. It’s true that our residents are exceptionally independent, taking full advantage of all the programs, travel opportunities, learning experiences and other activities that we offer. The phrase independent can imply aloneness, however, and the fact that it is so easy to meet new people and socialize here at Southgate at Shrewsbury is one of the biggest benefits we offer.

A Community With Diverse Lifestyles

Another reason why so many names persist in the common vernacular is the fact that there are so many different lifestyles that people can choose to lead at a place like Southgate at Shrewsbury. Just because socializing is easy, for example, doesn’t mean that every resident has to become a social butterfly. Our comfortable and private residences, expansive campus, numerous programs and well-appointed amenities mean that you can take advantage of all we have to offer in your own way, whether that is alone or in a group.

At Southgate at Shrewsbury, you can be exactly who you want each day, even if it’s totally different than the day before. There is no other place quite like it, so you can see how one name isn’t really enough.

If you’d like to take a tour to see everything that Southgate at Shrewsbury could add to your life, please contact us today.