From Woodworking to Painting —The Independent Living Programs at Southgate Can Help Keep Your Brain Young

From Woodworking to Painting —The Independent Living Programs at Southgate Can Help Keep Your Brain Young

Our independent living residents frequently tell us that the thing that makes life here at Southgate at Shrewsbury so exceptional is our programs.

All of our independent living programs are designed to promote an independent living lifestyle that emphasizes Exploring, Growing and Learning, and our residents fully embrace these concepts, fostering a vibrant and active environment. If you walk past our indoor swimming pool, billiard and card rooms, bowling alley or woodworking shop at any given time of day, you will find it filled with members of our independent living community, and this is what makes it so easy and enjoyable for new residents to join in and try new things.

Not only do these activities help our residents socialize, the programs and amenities here at Southgate at Shrewsbury can actually benefit brain health.

“A 2014 study from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Texas tells us that trying new things, like quilting, or even learning a new piece of software, or a new language can strengthen our brains,” states AARP in its guide to the 5 Pillars of Brain Health. “Yes, learning a new language will get your neurons firing, but so will seeing a 3-D movie, joining a new club, or even using your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth.”

You can read more about that study here: The Impact of Sustained Engagement on Cognitive Function in Older Adults

Research from the past decade shows that living a life full of discovery and mental stimulation can even help your brain grow new cells—and that’s a really big deal because doctors used to think that we were born with all of our brain cells and could not grow more.

“We now know that the growth of new cells—a process called neurogenesis—occurs throughout life, even in older age,” states Dr. Kathryn Papp, neuropsychologist and instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School. “It appears that challenging our brains—for example, by learning a new skill—leads to actual changes in the adult brain.”

Fortunately, our Program Department is constantly planning new activities and excursions that can help our independent living and assisted living residents meet their goal of maintaining a healthy and youthful brain, and our amenities provide ample opportunity for practicing a new skill or hobby.

You can view a full list of Southgate at Shrewsbury amenities that make senior living here at Southgate at Shrewsbury so exceptional, and if you are interested in viewing upcoming events, log in to the residents’ website.

Here are just a few of the interesting activities scheduled for our independent living and assisted living residents in the coming weeks:

  1. Bridge
  2. Play Reading Group
  3. Book Club Discussion
  4. Scrabble
  5. Current Events
  6. Great Courses Video Series
  7. Watercolor and Acrylic Painting