Important Questions to Ask When Touring a Retirement Community

Important Questions to Ask When Touring a Retirement Community

When you are comparing several retirement communities, taking a tour is the best part of the process! And although you can get a decent idea of what life would be like by exploring a website, you won’t really know the personality of a place until you take a tour.

Going on a tour shouldn’t be a passive activity, however. You’ll get the most out of the process if you come armed with some questions. While the floor plans and dining options are obvious tour topics, to really get a good sense of a residence, you need to dig deeper. Here are a few important questions to get you started:

What programs are being held this month?

A good retirement community prides itself on hosting programs that run the gamut from the festive and fun to the artistic, inspirational and educational. Taking a look at the current program calendar will give you the best idea of what you can expect if you move in. Many retirement communities offer similar programs like yoga and book groups, so make sure to ask if there are any particular programs that set a residence apart from the rest.

Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, exceptional programs are a top priority. We’d be happy to speak with you about current and future programs either over the phone or on a tour. So please reach out if you have any questions at all.

What are your residents like?

It’s true that the activities and amenities offered by a retirement community are one of their most attractive selling points. For many retirees, however, the biggest motivation to move isn’t one that is listed in the brochure—it’s the people. The ability to instantly become part of a community is a dream come true for many seniors, whether they have been living alone for years or just don’t see their friends and family as often as they used to. Keeping in touch with friends is difficult at any age, but that’s particularly true during retirement, when many people move out of state. At a retirement community, however, you are surrounded by people who are going through the same life experiences and looking for the same things that you are. That makes expanding your social circle and making meaningful new friendships easier than you’d ever imagine.

Although it takes time to get to know the ins and outs of any community, you can start to get a basic idea while you are on a tour. Ask what a typical resident is like—where they come from or what their hobbies are. Basics like that can be very illuminating. Some communities attract more people from out of state, while others are local favorites for retirees looking to stay close to family and familiar sights. Some attract outdoor enthusiasts, while others attract people who prefer a more relaxing way of life. You won’t know how you’ll fit in until you ask, so be sure that you do!

Are programs well attended?

While you’re learning all about the residents, make sure to specifically ask how they spend their days and what programs are most popular. A full schedule of events might not be as appealing to you if there won’t be a group to join in with.

At Southgate at Shrewsbury, we pride ourselves on scheduling programs that our residents love and regularly attend. There are always people using the pool during a class or for a free swim, our concerts always draw a crowd, and our active community is always willing to try something new. We really have a great group of people that make Southgate such a unique place. And you don’t have to take our word for it—come see it for yourself!

We can help you find a good time for a tour if you call us at 1-800-492-8331, or you can reach out using our online contact form.