For Heart Health Indulge in Dark Chocolate!

For Heart Health Indulge in Dark Chocolate!

A show of hands, please … who LOVES dark chocolate! That’s what we thought. Many people enjoy rich, decadent dark chocolate, and even those who don’t have a strong affinity for it, should consider the following:

Dark chocolate isn’t just delicious (we admit, as chocolate lovers, we may be a little bias!)—it’s actually good for heart health. That’s a key finding in a newly released study presented at the American Chemical Society in Dallas, WebMD reported recently.

Researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) examined what happens to cocoa powder during digestion and learned that bacteria in the stomach actually eats dark chocolate, causing a fermentation process to occur that releases “anti-inflammatory compounds that benefit the heart,” WebMD noted.

The study’s lead researcher from LSU’s food science department noted that the body absorbs the compounds produced during this fermentation process and this can actually lead to a decrease in cardiovascular tissue inflammation. This, in turn, can help reduce the risk of a stroke over the long term, too.

Wow! Eat dark chocolate, improve your heart health and reduce the risk of stroke. Who’s game for a bite of this deliciously smart and potent antioxidant?

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