Could Your Life Use a Little More Balance?

Could Your Life Use a Little More Balance?

Sure, whose couldn’t! At Southgate at Shrewsbury we offer balance classes designed to give our residents the chance to improve their core strength, help clear their minds and rejuvenate their spirits.

Balance classes can be of great benefit to people of all ages, including seniors, because they aid in posture, in addition to keeping the mind/body spirit in check. Also, balance classes give the body’s core a gentle workout to boost muscle strength.

Another wonderful thing about balance classes is that they don’t have to take a lot of time to achieve favorable results. In as little as 10 minutes to a half-hour a couple of days a week, you can work toward a better you—so you’ll feel more focused and balanced in mind and body.

It’s important to note, too, that having good balance is a key to reducing one’s risk of falling, which can result in decreased mobility and injury.

Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, in addition to balance classes, residents enjoy a wide array of healthful activities, including seated exercise classes and walks. There are just a few of the planned activities available to our residents on a regular basis. Our January 2014 is chock full of many fitness-focused classes, as well as other entertaining, fun, and intellectually stimulating talks and trips to help residents focus on that all-important goal of striking a happy balance in all they do.

Check out our January 2014 events calendar year for a closer look. And, if you have any questions we can answer about our balance classes or other activities, please feel free to contact us here or by calling 800.492-8331.