Celebrating Thanksgiving With Family And Friends

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Family And Friends

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and friends to feast on some of the great holiday offerings. For those with family members in senior living communities, it is important to reach out during this time of year. The holidays in general can be stressful, but there are ways to ensure that your family’s celebration goes off without a hitch.

Plan Ahead For Traveling
If you’re picking up your senior loved one from their residence, you may want to leave early. The same goes for older adults who are trying to get to a family member’s home. The Wall Street Journal reports that recent findings from AAA suggest traffic will be tight during the Thanksgiving weekend. The data indicates that more than 43.6 million Americans will be on the road for at least 50 miles. Those who are planning on road tripping to see loved ones may want to consider leaving early on before the major rush.

Assign Roles
Sometimes, there can be too many cooks in the kitchen – literally. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by having too many family members try to help you assemble dinner, try and stay organized. You may want to consider assigning roles to everyone who wants to help. For example, someone can be in charge of setting the table, while other guests are tasked with different side dishes. Make sure the side dishes vary in cook time, so not everyone needs to be in the kitchen at once.

Make Cleaning A Team Effort
There will surely be plenty of dishes left over, and they can be cleaned quickly if everyone chips in. Ask some people to gather the plates and have two or three family members at the sink. Once they clean the dishes, ask some other family members to dry, while additional guests put the dishes away.

Play Some Games
Because Thanksgiving can bring family members from near and far, it’s a good idea to celebrate togetherness. Send the grandkids outside for some touch football, which some of the parents will surely want to get in on as well. It’s also a great time to break out cards and board games, allowing everyone to bond while they digest dinner before diving into some pumpkin pie and other desserts.

For both those members of our community who are travelling to spend Thanksgiving with their families and those residents spending the holiday with their friends and loved ones here at Southgate, we wish you all and wonderful and blessed holiday.