Benefits of Independent Living at the Southgate at Shrewsbury Retirement Community

Benefits of Independent Living at the Southgate at Shrewsbury Retirement Community

It’s hard to imagine the many ways that your life could improve if you made the Southgate at Shrewsbury retirement community your home. Here are just a few of the benefits that you could enjoy as a resident of our fun, active and enjoyable community.

The Time and Amenities to Pursue Hobbies

Once we are past school age and into the working world, our hobbies tend to become a thing of the past. Then when we retire, we often find that having time and having opportunities are not the same thing, and it can be difficult to get back into old hobbies or find new ones. Fortunately, the convenience of having all the amenities you need right where you live and the support of our excellent staff make it easy to pick up a new or old hobby like painting, yoga, participating in a book club or swimming.

Plus, Southgate at Shrewsbury offers unique amenities that allow our residents to do activities they most likely wouldn’t have access to if they still lived at home, like a candlepin bowling alley and woodworking studio. You can see our amenities here.

The Choice to Enjoy Art and Culture However You Prefer

Whether you get more joy from being center stage or a member of the audience, Southgate at Shrewsbury has you covered with a wide variety of cultural and artistic activities. Artists who like to hone their craft first hand can take a variety of art classes, including both watercolor and acrylic painting. And with the beautiful park setting that surrounds Southgate at Shrewsbury, there is plenty of inspiration for them to incorporate onto the canvas in every season. Theater fans also have a plethora of opportunities for both viewing and taking part in dramatic performances.

A Range of Dining Options

Dining doesn’t get much more delicious or convenient than what we offer at Southgate at Shrewsbury. Plus, our range of dining options mean that we are always dishing up exactly what our residents want—from a quick bite to a casual meal among friends to a fine dining experience worth lingering over in the evening. Our residents don’t have to worry about making big trips to the grocery store or planning an extensive menu each week, and that is a benefit that is hard to overstate.

Transportation Services

As they age, seniors can find driving an increasingly stressful prospect. Plus, the time and money it takes to maintain a vehicle hardly seems worth it without regular commutes to the office or frequent trips to the store to stock up and feed a big family. And although friends and family often offer to drive their loved ones where they need to go, many seniors end up simply staying home to avoid inconveniencing them.

Fortunately, Southgate at Shrewsbury offers a convenient chauffer service that takes all of the stress out of transportation. Our residents can go wherever they want to go without needing to rely on favors or having to maintain their own vehicle and drive themselves. So they can enjoy more freedom than when they lived at home.

Instant Community Connections

Games like bridge, scrabble and poker are great for keeping your mind sharp, but finding enough people to play with can be difficult for seniors living at home. Furthermore, relying on advance notice to gather a group makes it difficult to simply pick up a game when the mood strikes. Living at Southgate at Shrewsbury means there is an eager community of active seniors who are also looking for fun ways to fill their time.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about Southgate at Shrewsbury or if you’d like to schedule a tour. We’d love to hear from you and help you make the best decision about your future residence.