Beat The Heat With These “Cool” Top 10 Tips!

Beat The Heat With These “Cool” Top 10 Tips!

Summer heat can take a toll on people of all ages, but seniors are especially susceptible. Make sure you or your loved one are staying cool and hydrated this season with our Top 10 Tips. Become familiar with the telltale signs of dehydration, heatstroke and learn how certain medications and medical conditions are affected by hot weather.


1.)  Once temperatures rise, be sure to check on elderly family or friends with regular visits.

2.)  Remind seniors — especially those showing signs of dementia — of the dangers of extreme heat and the signs of heatstroke.

3.)  Certain medications can make it difficult to stay hydrated, so make sure seniors drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, even if they’re not thirsty.

4.)  Know the signs of dehydration, including dry mouth/skin, lightheadedness, lack of sweat, low blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat.

5.)  Seniors should avoid direct sunlight during the warmest part of the day, apply sunscreen, and wear lightweight clothing when outdoors.

6.)  Ensure seniors have access to a working air conditioner during the day.

7.)  Close blinds and curtains in seniors’ homes to lower room temperature.

8.)  Some medical conditions, like asthma or heart conditions, can be more serious during hot weather — discuss with their doctor to see whether medications need to be adjusted.

9.)  Look for signs of heatstroke, including profuse sweating, fatigue, cold/clammy skin, nausea, muscle weakness, disorientation, shallow breathing, and vomiting.

10.)  Prepare to directly assist with measures like turning on the AC or removing robes and blankets — even if it means staging a “cooling intervention”.