Ageless Brain-Health Tips for Us All to Follow!

Ageless Brain-Health Tips for Us All to Follow!

In today’s digital world of iPads, smartphones and other technological gadgets designed to “think” for us, it’s easy to gloss over the fact that we house the most amazing central processing unit of all—the human brain!

While much is known about how the brain works, much else is still a mystery. And, with mysteries often come misconceptions. For instance, you may have heard that as we age our brains lose the ability to produce new cells. According to a PBS documentary, The Secret Life of the Brain, advances in neuroscience have led researchers to conclude that into our seventies our brains have the capacity to produce new neurons. “The normal aging process leaves most mental functions intact, and may even provide the brain with unique advantages that form the basis for wisdom. The aging brain is also far more resilient than was previously believed,” the website promoting “The Aging Brain” episode in the series notes.

There are many factors that may affect our brains’ ability to fire off those new neurons, and Southgate at Shrewsbury would like to give you some food for thought on how we can all keep our brains more cognitively fit!

Brain health starts with maintenance. That means making “brain-healthy” choices, which can aid in our ability to stay sharp, sleep well, and recall with ease, says the Alzheimer’s Association.

For example, keeping up with a regimen of physical activity is a key component to good brain health. That’s because when blood can flow freely to the brain, it stimulates the growth of new brain cells and can help minimize the risk of serious health conditions, such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes, the association noted.

In addition, adopting a lifestyle of healthy eating can go a long way toward maintaining your brain’s health. For example, enjoying a diet chock full of fruits, lean protein and vegetables, which are low in fat and cholesterol does a body good! Don’t forget, too, the powerful benefits of many “superfoods” like blueberries, salmon and black beans, which include a variety of antioxidants that naturally promote good health.

Staying active in your social circles can also help improve brain health. When we are mentally stimulated in conversations and activities, stress levels diminish and those healthy relationships we share can give those brain cells an added boost of stimulation!

Also, keeping your mental faculties sharp will do your brain lots of good. For instance, puzzles and intellectual discussions are a way to pump up those brain cells and potentially present the opportunity to spark new nerve cells, too, the association noted.

Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury, our residents enjoy a variety of “Brain Olympics”! From eating healthy—and heartily—with our gourmet dining options to maintaining their fitness regimes through our yoga, balance and other classes and enjoying socially active and mentally stimulating conversations, educational talks and more.

Are you looking for a gold-medal independent senior living oasis to call home? Southgate at Shrewsbury is your Brain-Olympics destination and so much more.

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