5 Reasons to Seize Active Senior Living Lifestyle!

5 Reasons to Seize Active Senior Living Lifestyle!

Are you thinking about making the leap to living in an active senior living community? If so, bravo for you! You’re about to write an exciting and rewarding chapter in your life. If you haven’t considered moving to an active senior living community, Southgate at Shrewsbury has got several reasons for you to consider making what for many is the most rewarding move of their lives.

Reason #1—You don’t have to worry about regular home maintenance. When you move to an active senior living community you can bid farewell to tedious daily and weekly household tasks, such as cleaning, grocery shopping and home repairs.

Reason # 2—You’ll can get around without weathering the elements. Southgate at Shrewsbury’s buildings has been expertly designed with a series of enclosed walkways that allow our residents to get around easily without ever needing an umbrella! Our facility design also makes it easy for residents to get around no matter what the weather conditions are, they don’t skipping a beat in their active lifestyle regimes!

Reason #3—A multitude of fitness, gaming and entertainment options await your every whim! Southgate at Shrewsbury boasts daily offerings of concerts, intellectual talks, gaming activities, fitness classes, swimming and more.  Our residents can get up and go to the activities of their choice—whenever, wherever. And, our beautiful common areas and dining options provide a wonderful backdrop to sit back and have those relaxing moments that even the most active of seniors crave from time to time.

Reason #4—You don’t need to leave Southgate at Shrewsbury to pamper yourself. Here at Southgate at Shrewsbury we offer a wide variety of health club and beauty salon services, meaning that our residents can enjoy feel-good services from the comfort of “home.”

Reason #5—At Southgate at Shrewsbury you’re free to choose the lifestyle and activities that are right for you. If you’ve taken a cruise lately, you know that many of the premier cruise lines in the world now offer “freestyle” dining and entertainment options. Living at Southgate at Shrewsbury is much like enjoying a freestyle cruising lifestyle!

Each day you decide how to design your day, where to dine and what activities to participate in. With superior ambience, sophisticated, delicious menu offerings and entertainment that abounds we think that’s a pretty good daily option for members of our close-knit community to have!

So there you have it, five reasons every senior should consider making a move to an active living community. 

Do you crave a resort-style lifestyle? Southgate at Shrewsbury answers your call, and we’re here to answer your questions about how to live an active and rewarding lifestyle in our adult senior living community. Contact us today!